MUFU hanging hooks

Many camper or caravan owners have an awning. This awning is comfortable in rainy circumstances, but also with extreme sunshine an awning offers an ideal shadow place for relaxing.

With an awning you can do more clever things. Like hanging a lot of objects on this awning. This can be done perfectly when using our unique and multifunctional (MU-FU) hanging hooks for your awning.


The MUFU stainless steel hanging hook slides easily into the slot of your awning bar

Flat dryer

MUFU hanging hook (here in LIGHT plastic version in blue) at the awning bar with our popular drying rack Flat Dryer, which even contains 5 m. of washing line length and can be folded, so storage is very compact

MUFU light

MUFU with clothes hanger, here visible in plastic MUFU LIGHT version in blue. In the other holes of the MUFU other objects can be hung simultaneously, like washing line, solar lamp, etc.

MUFU LIGHT 6 mm is well-suited for all modern awning bars on campers and caravans.

The MUFU LIGHT slides into the 6 mm slot of the awning bar of most modern awnings, like most Thule Omnistor and Fiamma awnings. You can hang all kinds of objects onto the MUFU hanging hooks, like:

  • drying rack (a.o. our very popular compact foldable Flat Dryer with 5 meters washing line length!).
  • solar lamp (a.o. our handy Solar Lamp)
  • storm band (a.o. our Stormy storm band)
  • clothes hangers
  • vertical sunscreen which can be attached to the awning (using our Clever Clip and/or Quick Link)
  • swimming gear, towels, fly swatters, etc.: you can hang anything on the MUFU hanging hook for direct availability and use or for drying purposes at the camping! Ideal!

Special MUFU Stainless Steel 4 mm for older awnings with small 4 mm slot (instead of 6 mm)

Some (primarily older) awning bars have a smaller 4 mm slot instead of the standard 6 mm slot on all modern awnings. For those 4 mm awning slots we have the special MUFU Stainless Steel 4 mm hanging hooks available, mostly for older awning on older campers and caravans. Always check at each older camper or caravan the width of the slot of the awning bar, because sometimes we even encounter an old camper or caravan with a recently renewed awning, which shows the modern 6 mm awning bar slot.


MUFU Stainless Steel 4 mm with lifelong guarantee (!), here visible with our Solar sunlamp, washing line and our Stormy storm band, good example of the multifunctional MUFU. sThis is the smaller 4 mm version (only available in Stainless Steel) for older awnings with smaller 4 mm awning bar slot (instead of the 6 mm awning bar slot like in most modern awnings).

The MUFU is available in two different materials:

Price per set of 2 pieces:

  1. MUFU in Stainless Steel, with lifelong guarantee:
    a. MUFU Stainless Steel normal (6 mm) for most modern awnings 39,90 Including VAT
    b. MUFU Stainless Steel small (4 mm) special, for older awnings 39,90 Including VAT
  2. MUFU LIGHT (plastic) 6 mm, with normal EU guarantee, in 4 colours:
    a. Red (6 mm) 9,95 Including VAT
    b. Blue (6 mm) 9,95 Including VAT
    c. Gris (6 mm) 9,95 Including VAT
    d. Black (6 mm) 9,95 Including VAT

Both sorts of MUFU products are available on this website.


MUFU RVS available in 4mm and 6mm

MUFU light

MUFU LIGHT ophanghaken, verkrijgbaar in 4 kleuren: blauw, grijs, zwart of rood.