Strong quality STORMY stormband for fixing tightly of awnings for all campers and caravans, folding trailers, front tents, etc.

You will find 2 stormbands in a set, so you can fix your awning at 2 sides. Every stormband consists of 4 parts: a big metal buckle, a blue stormband and 2 springs.

Stormy stormband

Picture 1: With the strong STORMY stormband, which is a pretty 6 metres long and 2.5 cms wide, you create a solid fixation of your awning or tent in case of storm.

The STORMY stormband can be hooked perfectly onto our MUFU hanging hooks, which are attached into the slot of your awning. A strong, stable and solid combination. The STORMY stormband can be used both with the MUFU in stainless steel (visible in this picture) or with the MUFU LIGHT (plastic).

Stormy stormband

Picture 2: STORMY stormband hooked into MUFU stainless steel hanging hook.

Both the MUFU stainless steel as the MUFU LIGHT can be used for mounting of the STORMY stormband. The hook of the STORMY stormband fits perfectly into the big lowest hole of the MUFU hanging hook. Big advantage is that you do not over-charge the awning, because the STORMY stormband is directly attached to the awning bar by the MUFU. Many people attach their stormbands onto the awning’s pillars or awning’s hinges, which can break in storm more easily than the awning’s bar which is used with the MUFU and STORMY stormband.

Even with a STORMY stormband at your MUFU you can still attach many other objects onto the MUFU (in combination), like Solar lamps or a windscreen.

Of course the STORMY stormband can also be used well in a  lot of other ways, like fixing goods on a trailer, securing tents in storm, binding garden furniture for autumn and winter circumstances, etc.

Picture 3: STORMY stormband hanging into a MUFU, used in combination with a Solar lamp and a windscreen, attached with a Clever Clip onto the same MUFU.