QUICK LINK double-sided mounting hook

If a MUFU hanging hook hangs at the awning of your camper or caravan, then you can hang many objects on that MUFU, like lamps, clothes hangers, Flat Dryer drying rack with hook, stormband, etc. These all fit perfectly into the attaching points and holes of the MUFU.

Sometimes however, you want to hang or attach other things, like a lamp with a fixed hanger, or flowers or plants with a fixed hanger, etc. Then the metal Quick Link (picture 1), in combination with or without MUFU, can be helpful and is very compact.

Picture 1: Quick Link, attached to the MUFU hanging hook, so you get 2 open “ears”, at which you can hang anything.

The Quick Link comes in very handy if you want to attach a lamp with a fixed hanger. These lamps do not fit directly onto the MUFU (with holes), but do fit the Quick Link because this Quick Link has open attaching hooks (“ears”) on one side. And on the other side the Quick Link features 2 half circles which can be open or closed over each other. Even flowers and plants with hanger can be hung onto the Quick Link to make you camper/caravan more cosy. Very nice and practical. The Quick Link can also be used outstandingly for clothes on a hanger.

This same Quick Link can also be used on the other side, that is directly onto the washing line by attaching the open side with the “ears” over the washing line. In this way you can also hang all kinds of lamps, plants/flowers or clothes hangers or umbrellas onto the Quick Link: picture 2.

Picture 2: Quick Link directly onto the washing line, so a lamp can be hung perfectly. The 2 half circles of the Quick Link hinge over each other and can be used both open or closed.