Flat-jack Camper Plus - Ready in 4 steps

1. Check ground and remove sharp objects:

At first, clean and egalize as much as possilbe the ground on which you want to put your flat-jack. It  is wise to remove sharp stones, gravel stones, and rocks, which could pierce your flat-jack tyre cushion. However, the flat-jack is very strong and is produced by a German coompany in the Munich region which delivers many car parts tot he works of top car brands like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Porsche.

We advise you to use a thick massive mat or plate under your flat-jack if you are on a gravel/stone camping, so the sharp stones/rocks only pierce the mat/plate and not your flat-jack tyre cushion. But removing the sharp stones/rocks etc. is the best solution! For this reason, standing on sharp ground is at your own risk and is not covered by our 2 year guarantee, like a car tyre producer not guarantees a flat tyre from a nail, which is at the risk of the driver. So please always clean the ground well which will be under your flat-jack. Then you protect your own investment in the flat-jack tyre cushions!

2. Drive up:

You place the now still empty (not inflated) flat-jack tyre cushions in length just before your wheel (or wheels) that you want to lift to be horizontal with your caravan or mobile home.  Shift the flat-jack well until she touches your wheel. Now drive on the still flat flal-jack until the vehicle is exactly on the middle of the empty tyre cushion (see picture).

3. Inflate:

Only then inflate the flat-jack(s) with a bike pump or foot pump with car valve adapter) or with compressor (with car valve adapter), because there are car valves on the flat-jack tyre cushion. You can buy such a pump or compressor in each car parts shop in your region. Our advice: choose a compact version of foot pump or compressor, which comes in handy in storage. Also a gauge with manometre to check the amount of bar pressure (maximum pressure for flat-jack is 1.2 bar) is good.

4. Ready:

As soon as the flat-jack tyre cushions are inflated, the weight of the camping vehicle is distributed much better over the tyre, so that tyre cannot get square anymore. On the campground you can easily lower the caravan or camper to level to exactly horizontal position of your caravan or mobile home, by turning off the valve cap of the OUT valve side. Very simple and very easy in use.

FLAT-JACK Camper plus

119,00 Including VAT
FLAT-JACK Camper Plus leveling cushions
The  flat-jack Camper Plus is a very popular, handy and innovative leveling cushion for putting fully horizontal any caravan or mobile home/camper on the slope or hill of a camping, so you can sleep and cook horizontally! Put the flat-jack cushion in front of the tyre or tyres you want to lift, then inflate the cushion with bike/foot pump or compressor to desired height, and you are perfectly horizontal! Maximum height is even 12 cms (higher than most classic wedges). Pressure flat-jack is max. 1.2 bar only, so even senior people and kids can pump the flat-jack easily. Maximum vehicle weight is 7,500 kg in total. Flat-jack: modern, fast and easy leveling. Already thousands of users bought this flat-jack at us in the last 5 years. Hopping over from their classic wedges to our ideal flat-jack product for leveling their camper or caravan with much more ease!